Depend on Hibrasil to -

  Develop and implement your Strategic Communications Plan

Advise on policy determination and strategic direction, especially in
Change Management communications

Develop, manage and maintain all organisation-wide and
specific / granular communications

Advise on substantial communications programs and
new communications channel development

Develop, structure and write Winning Business Proposals

Deliver Translation / Localisation services

Design and execute or manage strategic research and analysis

Liaise / manage external contractors and agencies

Deliver management tuition in organisational and media communications skills

Deliver hands-on production of all communications collateral including

  Copywriting of
  • staff notices
  • newsletters
  • intranet & internet
  • speeches
  • brochures
  • annual reports
  Development and production of
  • house magazines
  • newsletters,
  • websites and web pages for intranet & internet
  • web-based on-demand video news services
  • advertising pieces
  • brochures.

Contact Hibrasil

Kurrajong Park
873 Lindon Road
Phone: 0401 089 322 (I'ntl: +61 401 089 322)

Image of
the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51A/B or NGC 5194/5)
courtesy of NASA

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